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CALL: +92-213-4016538-42 (05 Lines)  

Client Testimonials

  • HIS’s program also increases the value of each physician’s key staff members to their practice…by relieving them of much of the burden of employee administration issues. This allows the practitioner and staff to concentrate on delivering the best care for their patients and grow their practice.

  • his has managed our Human Resource Department for more than 10 years. Their support, communication, resources and quick response times are outstanding and I am continually impressed with the professionalism of their staff. Our field representative has become a trusted partner with a great deal of insight and advice and is able to provide uniqueness to each individual situation, investigation and recommendation. Our company has doubled in size since we began our relationship with his and they have been there every step in providing guidance and support with all aspects of human resources and the ever changing laws.

  • his is an integral part of our everyday operations. From benefits to payroll to legal services, HIS has helped us grow every step of the way. They allow our top staff to focus on company growth while they take care of the daily chore that is human resources. They are there when we need them and continually have sound guidance for our company.


Extreme Satisfaction from Our Clients

HIS has consistently maintained a high level client satisfaction with average client tenure of 25 years.

“The average contract duration has dropped to 6.3 years,” according to the 2008 Human Resources Outsourcing Annual Report study by the Everest Research Institute.

his has distinguished itself for the past quarter of a century by partnering with its clients to deliver custom tailored HR Outsourcing services based on its clients’ unique needs. With HIS, there is a professional and mutual understanding between both parties when it comes to establishing a relationship with our clients, unlike many other organizations.

  • “I have been a Medical Practice Administrator for over 30 years and one of the best decisions I ever made was to contract with HIS for our HR and payroll needs! Being a control freak, I was more than a bit skeptical about making the decision to outsource, but after almost 9 years of partnering with HIS, I wonder how I ever did it on my own. Services and employees are top-notch and professional and as our practice grows so do our needs and they meet every one of them. Thank you, HIS.”

  • Our experience with HIS has been a very positive one from the start and we’re grateful for all that you and your staff provide us…you should be proud of your entire staff’s competence and professionalism.

  • Outsourcing our HR issues to MMC has been the best decision we could have made. Since moving to MMC we find that our HR problems have greatly diminished and the ones we still encounter get taken care of promptly with minimum fuss allowing us to concentrate on running our day to day business. We would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a solution to their HR issues


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